Cairns 4WD Tours

Cairns 4WD Tours

Getting out of the city should be on anyone's Australian travel agenda, and by going on one of the many amazing Cairns 4WD tours, you can do just that.

Daintree National Park awaits you when you choose the 1 Day Cairns 4WD Cooktown Adventure Tour. Listed as a World Heritage site in 1988, Daintree National Park takes up more than 1,500 square kilometres (933 miles) of land, and pushes right up against the Great Dividing Range. Most of the amazing wetland forests in are inaccessible, but you won't have any problems getting around in a 4WD. You'll be amazed as you cross the cable ferry and look down below at the Daintree River.

You'll reach the Lion's Den Hotel for lunch, and then head up Black Mountain, which will give you a great view of Grassy Hill and the Endeavor River. You'll have plenty of time to explore Cooktown, and then it's off through the Palmer River goldfields followed by dinner in Mount Molly. By the time you're taken back to your hotel, you'll have seen nearly everything Cairns has to offer!

However, if that's just still not enough time for you to see all the beautiful Queensland interior that Cairns has to offer, then consider the 2 Day Cairns 4WD Cooktown Explorer Tour, which will have you staying overnight in Cooktown. You can spend the next day leisurely exploring, shopping, and even visiting some aborigines if you wish, before heading back along the Mulligan Highway to Cairns in the evening.

If you'd like to get an entirely different perspective on the way back to Cairns, then the 1 Day Cooktown Drive-Fly Cairns 4WD Day Tour is right for you. You'll do all of the same great things, but instead of leaving Cooktown by 4WD, you'll be leaving by plane! Yes, that's right, a plane that will have you flying right next to the Great Dividing Range and over all of the beautiful tropical forests that you saw up close just a few hours before. And all that time you save driving back could be spent shopping, exploring, or just sleeping off your busy day back at the hotel.

Cairns 4WD tours have so much to offer, so why not sign up for one today?

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