Cairns Helicopter Tours

Cairns Helicopter Tours

Getting out and about around Cairns to see all of the amazing sites can be difficult sometimes. The city is sizeable, and the best that nature has to offer can take you hours to reach by bus. So why not dart about in style from the amazing vantage point of a helicopter? When you choose to take a Cairns Helicopter Tour you'll get to see everything you could have possibly imagined, from the beautiful Coral Sea all the way to the Great Dividing Range.

If you've always wanted to experience what the Great Barrier Reef looks like, just without strapping on all the clunky scuba diving equipment necessary to do so, then a helicopter ride is the perfect choice for you. You can take this wonderful Cairns helicopter ride for 10, 15 or 30 minutes, and you'll really see how big this natural wonder of the world really is. The helicopter will depart from one of several different pontoons located around the Great Barrier Reef, depending on your preferences. These great starting points include the Great Adventures Pontoon, Quicksilver, Sunlover Reef, and Green Island.

If you'd like a little more time to ponder the Great Barrier Reef on one of the many Cairns helicopter tours available, then consider a longer ride anywhere from 30 minutes to a full 1 hour. You'll not only get to see quite a bit of the wondrous rainforest canopy that Cairns has to offer, but also a whole lot more of the waters than you'd get any day of the week scuba diving, adventure boating, or just swimming around. Double Island will thrill you, and the boomerang-shaped Arlington Reef will have you shaking your head in awe at Mother Nature's wonders, and perhaps her sense of humour as well. Vlassoff Cay is another great site that will unfold before your eyes, and then you'll head back to Green Island, no doubt ready to hop right back on board.

The 30 Minute Tropical North Queensland Rainforest Scenic Flight is one of the best Cairns Helicopter tours you could embark upon in all of Queensland. Flying north from the city, you'll soar over wonderful World Heritage rainforest canopy, and into the amazing Barron Gorge National Park. Amazing trees like the Candlenut, Native Olive, False Red Sandalwood, and Corkwood will all appear below your feet. And the thundering Barron Falls can only be appropriately experienced by passing by high overhead.

And there are even Cairns helicopter tours that will take you to meet the aborigines. You won't have a better opportunity to experience the history and culture of Queensland and greater Australia than from the people who know it best. You can spend three days checking out the interior areas around Cairns, and you won't have any better holiday photos to show your friends back home.

So whether you're looking for a quickie or something a little bit longer, Cairns helicopter deals will have you flying high for as long as you want, and without any of the groggy aftereffects.

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