Gold Coast Jetski Hire

Gold Coast Jet Ski Hire

Picture the peaceful blue water's of the Pacific Ocean. Notice how calm they are, and quiet. The unbroken surface ripples lightly in the cool afternoon breeze.

Now picture yourself ripping through that surf on your high-powered Jet Ski, the roar of the engines blasting in the air, the water flying all about you. Notice the wind blowing back your hair and your knuckles whitening on the handle grips. The unbroken surface parts before you as dash madly through the beautiful surf of Australia's Gold Coast.

There are many great Jet Ski hire packages available when you're visiting the Gold Coast, so many in fact, that you may have a hard time choosing which is the best for you. A few easy things to consider right off are how long you'd like to Jet Ski, and how many people you'd like to go. Also, do you want to experience more than just the Jet Ski alone? Well, that's easy and there are plenty of options available.

Whether you want to jet through the water all day, or just for a few hours, you'll find what you're looking for. If you're into a shorter 2-hour Jet Ski experience, try checking out South Stradboke Island. You'll be able to cruise along the water for 30km before you reach the island, and then another 30km on the way back. That might sound like a lot, but when you're hitting speeds of up to 100km/h, you'll really make good time.

Another great option for a short spin is a Jet Ski safari tour, which will take you to the same beautiful Stradboke Island, but for a total of just 40km and a total time of 1-hour. And if that still seems like too long to have so much power between your legs, consider the half-hour trip that will have you zipping past the beautiful Broadwater locales.

And taking family and friends along is not a problem. Two people can fit onto the Jet Skis that you'll be able to hire, and you'll both be laughing and shouting out in joy together.

For the more adventurous there's the Jet Ski and parasail adventure package which will have you sailing high over the Gold Coast with a tandem parasail for a breathtaking 10 minutes. When you get back to the dock you'll be let loose on a 1500cc Jet Ski that will have you chopping up the peaceful surf you were just sailing above.

And if all of those options don't sound thrilling and adrenaline-packed enough, you'll love the Paradise Jetboating Thrillseekers Broadwater Challenge, which is like all the great packages rolled into one, but better. You'll get 30 minutes on a great Jet Ski, 10 minutes up in the air with a parasail, and an amazing 55-minute jet boat ride past the scenic Broadwater and even into Moreton Bay Marine Park, the only adventure company allowed to do that. You'll love the amazing 360 spins, beach buzzing, and nose-offs that will have you shouting with joy.

So make sure you seriously consider a Jet Ski hire Gold Coast experience when you're staying in one of the best areas Australia has to offer.

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