Gold Coast Kayaking

Gold Coast Kayaking

Jet Skis roar and charter boats chug. Kids scream at the beach, and horns honk downtown. Sometimes it seems like you might never get any peace and quiet on your Gold Coast holiday, but thankfully that just isn't the case. Calm and pristine waters await you, all from the comfort and fun of a kayak. And the best thing is that it's quiet!

When you choose to take a kayak tour on Australia's Gold Coast, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful Broadwater area. But don't worry, it's not going to be like the busier sections that you're used to seeing when you're on the beach or zipping by on a tour bus. When you enjoy the Broadwater from a kayak, you'll be paddling around the islands that surround South Stradbroke, Wavebreak, and The Spit.

Catching sight of the wonderful fish and other exciting marine life will be easy, as the underwater visibility on any given day is 10 to 15 meters. When you're ready to get a closer look just fasten your snorkel mask in place and dip your head over the side; you'll be seeing a wide assortment of colorful fish and interesting crustaceans. Turtles, dolphins and stingrays can also be spotted, and if you visit between May and November, you might even be able to spot a whale cresting off-shore.

Your kayaking guide will be quite knowledgeable about the area you paddle through, and you'll learn a lot about the Gold Coast and the plants and animals that call the area home. The pointers they show you will also have you paddling circles around the other kayaking outfitters in the area.

And it doesn't matter what time of year you decide to come, either; temperatures in the winter stay around 19 C and the summer sees balmy averages of 26 C. You'll truly have a year-round opportunity to take part in Gold Coast kayaking. It also doesn't matter what shape you're in, or what your experience level is. The majority of people who come to the Gold Coast and try their hand at kayaking have never been in one in their life, but they take to it just like the ducks in the water they paddle past.

So grab your paddle and give Gold Coast kayaking a try!

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