Gold Coast Parasailing

Gold Coast Parasailing

Feel the wind whish through your hair, and all of your clothes too, as you sail high above Australia's Gold Coast. Stare wide-eyed in amazement as the beaches you were swimming on this morning, and the streets you were shopping on last night, all become so much smaller as you fly high above when you're Gold Coast parasailing.

You know you've always wanted to try it, so now that you're finally in that great beach environment, why not give parasailing a try? The only thing to be afraid of is that you'll love it so much that you've got to do it again and again!

When you choose to try Gold Coast parasailing you'll be in for the ride of your life, but it won't last your whole life, either. Your time in the air will start the moment you leave the platform and will last only 12 minutes. For some people it's just right, for others it's not enough.

You'll be flying far above the beautiful ocean and city scenery, and all it requires of you is that you sit back and relax. While the weather and which direction the wind is blowing all play a role in determining where on the Gold Coast waterways you hit the air, you're guide will be quite accommodating when it comes to seeing the sights that you've been longing to see from high above. That's right! Don't forget that when you go Gold Coast parasailing you'll also be enjoying a great boat trip that lasts for an hour. That's plenty of time to get all the wonderful camera shots you've been promising everyone back home.

And you don't need to head up into the wild blue yonder all alone. Gold Coast Parasailing Tandem packages are also available that'll have you and a friend flying high together. Trips depart each day beginning at 10am, and go all day from there. Try to go towards evening to see how the beautiful Gold Coast changes with the setting of the sun.

Still biting your nails? Well stop, and give Gold Coast parasailing a try!

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