Gold Coast Whale Watching

Gold Coast Whale Watching

There's nothing more exciting than seeing a huge whale crest the surface of the placid Gold Coast waters. You'll often see the spray that marks a whale, and as you focus in with your cameras another will jump high from the water, before crashing down with an enormous splash. The dorsal fins will amaze you, and the huge tales that slap down on the water will have you laughing with excitement and astonishment.

There are many great options when you want to do some Gold Coast Whale Watching, whether you want to get out on the water for just a few hours or the whole day. And you'll be seeing some amazing locations when the whales are moving around below the surface. The Coolangatta area is one of the most beautiful in the Gold Coast, and finding a Gold Coast whale watching deal that takes you there is easy and fast.

Each year thousands of humpback whales migrate through the eastern coast of Australia, and the Gold Coast is one of the best places for seeing them. For those that really have a thing for these leviathans, consider the Full Day Whale and Island Adventure that will have you on the water for 7 hours. The experienced eco team on the boat will fill you in on all about the whales you'll see, as well as the sights zipping by on land.

Consider the Half Day Whale Watching Cruise that will have you out on the water for over three hours. The 32m, high speed wave-piercing catamaran that you embark upon will speed through the waters, and also allows you to view the whales and
scenery from five different viewing platforms. And it's also the largest Gold Coast whale watching tour boat around!

All the great Gold Coast whale watching tours will also have documentary videos displayed throughout the voyage. This way you can learn the history and biology of these beasts of the deep, which will make seeing them in the flesh all the more meaningful.

And for the really adventurous souls out there, consider seeing the whales wherever they are from a hot air balloon! You'll be able to float through the air all the way from Byron Bay to Brisbane, and you could see hundreds of whales along the way.

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